Prom? Where We're Going We Don't Need Prom: The 6-Gullwing Doored DeLorean Limo

June 28, 2012


This is a DeLorean limo with six, count them -- six, gullwing doors. Unfortunately, it looks like all the seats are buckets so that's gonna make it harder to get to second base with your prom date. Unless -- UNLESS -- she sits on your lap. Just make sure to share the seatbelt. Safety first, if you know what I mean. I mean WRAP THAT PEENOR UP, SON. Trust me, the last thing you wanna have to do is call the limo driver a month later asking if he can time-machine you back to prom night because you forgot to put a dong-bag on.

This has been a PSA sponsored by GW Against Teenage Pregnancy.

Thanks to Nicholas, who took a helicopter to prom. Just kidding, he took a girl with a limp.

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