Probably The Best Way To Go: Mating Turtle Fossils Found

June 20, 2012


You still like turtles now, Zombie Jonathan?!

This is a pair of recently discovered 47-million year old fossilized turtles who were *kids, cover your eyes* boning when they died, which is exactly how I wanna go. No word if my special lady intends to go at the same time, but expect her to come out of the whole thing pretty scarred if she doesn't.

They were found as male-female pairs. In two cases, the males even had their tails tucked under their partners' as would be expected from the coital position.

Researchers think the turtles had initiated sex in the surface waters of the lake that once existed on the site, and were then overcome as they sank through deeper layers made toxic by the release of volcanic gases.

The animals, still in embrace, were then buried in the lakebed sediments and locked away in geological time.

*eying picture* That...looks like a weird position. "Pfft -- it's called turtlestyle, you should try it sometime." Okay, but if I try it and it things turn out as bad as the time you told me jump on the bed flapping a bedsheet like a pterodactyl, it's gonna be the LAST time I take sex advice from you. "How did that go anyway?" I stopped the ceiling fan with my face and had to go to the hospital.

Thanks to Side Effect and Pogonophile, who also wanna go out with a bang.

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