Prankster Get Girl's Laptop To Blare P0rn In Library

June 1, 2012


Note: Video slightly NSFW for audio (moaning).

This is a portrait-shot video (you dummy!), of a girl who left her laptop unattended in the university library, and her prankster/sped friend behind the camera decided to make it start blaring a p0rn video. I had to read the Youtube comments to figure that out, because at first I thought this chick just had a p0rn addiction and the creeper with the camera gets off filming random girls in the library. Don't get me wrong, this doesn't make it any better, I can just stop speculating now. Man, friends who make your laptop start playing p0rn in the library are jerks. That happened to me one semester and I got banned. Obviously, with no access to all those books I failed every class that semester. "And not because you did a lot of drugs and didn't go to class?" I TOLD YOU IT WAS THE LIBRARY THING.

Hit the jump for the video.

Thanks to Alan, who tried to tell me he's never watched p0rn in a college library. Please -- if you've gone to college, you've done it, end of discussion.

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