Prankster Chases People Pretending To Be A Zombie

June 5, 2012


Note: Guy with gun at 2:00.

Monopolizing on the recent outbreaks of undead, this is a video of a guy chasing the hell out of people pretending to be a brain-eating zombie. He gets them pretty good. Now I'm not saying I would have shot the dude, but I wouldn't have because I'm a felon and not allowed to own a gun. But I would have backed over him with a stolen car. Then forwarded over him. Then strapped him to the roof like a Christmas tree and driven the car off a bridge.

Hit the jump for the you deserve whatever pounding somebody gives you.

Thanks to Matthew, AJ, karsten, Valon and Brains!, who don't believe in crying wolf because they don't believe in crying. Me? I usually sob in bed for at least an hour a day watching Lifetime.

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