Prankster Chases People Pretending To Be A Zombie

June 5, 2012


Note: Guy with gun at 2:00.

Monopolizing on the recent outbreaks of undead, this is a video of a guy chasing the hell out of people pretending to be a brain-eating zombie. He gets them pretty good. Now I'm not saying I would have shot the dude, but I wouldn't have because I'm a felon and not allowed to own a gun. But I would have backed over him with a stolen car. Then forwarded over him. Then strapped him to the roof like a Christmas tree and driven the car off a bridge.

Hit the jump for the you deserve whatever pounding somebody gives you.

Thanks to Matthew, AJ, karsten, Valon and Brains!, who don't believe in crying wolf because they don't believe in crying. Me? I usually sob in bed for at least an hour a day watching Lifetime.

  • No. Not cool. I would not hesitate to shoot. Now, what I wonder is would a self defense plea work in court? On one hand, I perceived my life as being in danger, on the other, zombies aren't real. (for now)

  • why the fuck would a zombie have a tie on its head

  • Guest

    *watches a bunch of fit strong guys run away & laughs*

    I won't be too surprised if this guy is asked to play a part in a zombie movie since he's that good.



  • Matthew Internets

    I don't take that shit lightly lol, he would be dead no questions >.<
    He did it right after the recent story of that naked dude eating that other guy's face and taking several shots to take down! No time for jokes man lol, he's asking to get capped.

  • Hunter

    I'm pretty sure dude at 2:00 is pointing a finger, not a gun, unless it is a finger gun.

  • It looked to me like he was taking picture or video with his phone.

  • efngn

    I could see this go wrong in so many ways. a) Guy pulls out a gun and shoots him. b) guy pulls out machete and decapitates him. c) guy run him over with truck, etc. It was funny as hell though.

  • GirlFromSpace

    i giggled a lot.

  • Dafe

    zombies ate my neightbors... niceee

  • Marcus Como

    I really hope this gets an update where dickhole ends up shot and killed. Dumbass. Someone comes charging at me on the street I'm laying his ass out, bloody clothes or not.

  • anonimus

    shit just got real wen you put a zombie of walking dead and a acting police shooting 5 bullets and he continue running and screaming like a crazy mother fucker and hit the cop and pretend hes dead whit this for staring scream people like any one else

  • Mt. Moneyiama are you trying to say?, because I want to laugh and get it. It just seems you don't want me to.

  • $15762351

    Running because they think he's a zombie? Or running because they think he's some homeless guy on PCP?

  • PeteFD

    ...or running because some crazy white guy is mumbling and chasing you. Anyone wonder why this asshole was only chasing black people?

  • RareAwesomeman

    I am right there with you

  • n11

    I JUST had a zombie dream last night, come on!

  • Ashley

    So busted at the end...and I do mean Busted.

  • No self respecting zombie bargains with its victims...

  • This will not end well...

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