Pounding Beats (And Beers): Boombox Shaped Beer Case

June 27, 2012


This is a set of three beer cases (well, six-packs) created for Miller Genuine Draft in Turkey that, when combined like a Transformer, form a boombox. Granted it's nonfunctional, but who cares, you've got 18 shitty beers to chug. *pounds ten, tries adjusting volume knob on box* Hey -- HEY -- who broke the boombox? "That's a cardboard beer case." Sooooooo...wear it as a helmet and pretend I'm an astronaut? "Please don't." MOON BASE TO MARS, COME IN MARS.

Hit the jump for some closeups of a peenor the boxes.




Thanks to my buddy Terry, who agrees we should probably just go drink beer somewhere with a nice outdoor patio on our lunch break and not come back to work. EVER.

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