Playing With Fire (And Getting Burned): Guy Toying With Lighter At Gas Station Sets Himself, Car On Fire

June 25, 2012


Holy shit, the Human Torch pumps his own gas.

This is a video of some spaz in Australia with zero regard for safety who decides to test his lighter while pumping gas. SPOILER: it works. Me? I know better than to play with fire at the gas station. I just want to huff all those delicious fumes, you know? Love the smell of gasoline. *ZRRRRT ZZZZZT ZZZZT ZZRRRT* That was me turning into a Transformer.

Hit the jump for the video, which may or may yes include somebody putting out the fire with the liquid from one of those windshield-cleaning buckets despite the fact there's an extinguisher at the pump.

Thanks to Terry, who once ran out of gas on a roadtrip so he peed in the tank and got like 40MPG.

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