Photo-Manipulated Disney Princesses In Real Life

June 14, 2012


Dammit, you know I'm a sucker for Disney princesses! *twirling in pink dress*

This is a continuation of THIS SERIES of Disney Princesses imagined in real life by Finnish artist Jirka Vinse Jonatan. I'm not sure what her Photoshop process is, but it looks like she takes the faces from actresses and pieces the princesses together from there. Sometimes I wear pantyhose with shorts because my legs are so pale but I'm afraid to go tanning due to sun damage. *rereading last line* OH, REALLY FUNNY, DEREK. I swear, I can't go to the bathroom for five minutes without my roommate messing with my computer. *minimizes window* Oh look, a new penis desktop background. *opens other window* Aaaaaaaand I'm Skyping with a guy with his pecker in his hand.

Hit the jump for the rest, check the file names if you're not sure who they are.









Thanks to bb, who represents REAL princesses and not this 'be pretty and you'll get the prince' bullshit THAT IS SOILING THE MINDS OF OUR FEMALE YOUTH. She is really pretty though.

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