Other Characters Reimagined As Pac-Man Ghosts

June 19, 2012


This is a series of characters reimagined as Pac-Man ghosts by artist Dash Coleman (links to his Flickr with all the answers). Well, reimagined as Pac-Man ghost SHAPES, I should say. Because that's where the similarities stop. The bus? The bus stops right outside my apartment building. It's convenient. But you know what would be even more convenient? "Installing a zipline from your balcony to the sidewalk?" You know, sometimes I really do have to feel the side of my head to make sure we're not Siamese twins sharing a brain.

Thanks to collin, which I always pronounce colon when I say it in my head which is often because I'm nine and potty humor gives me the lols.

  • Im sorry but this has been around for a while... A long while...

  • Zane Davis

    Oh.How disappointing...what is this? Dash Coleman had a few good pieces on his Flickr, instead they were all ignored for this. I suppose if this were a pig party to see who can show off the worst design, then you won Geekologie. Gratz!

  • MisterK

    The thin lines really break the illusion of 8-bit. Why would some of it be blocky and other parts be hair lines? Boooooo. I'm usually enjoy these kinds of things (and I've also done pixel art myself). These ones are pretty weak. HUGE fan of Geekologie, though.

  • Brian Boitano

    I do say, I'm not trying to be an asshole here but I can't help but feel the amount of time put into the minimalist icon artwork displayed on this blog is far more than the actual enjoyment gained from viewing them.

    In other words, this shit is boring and tired, yo *twirls away*

  • Blu_tac

    This one doesn't even look good. It looks like the "artist" couldn't decide on what he wanted and made some of them look 8-bit and the other look like the ghost shape with a picture in it.

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