Move Over, Water Jetpacks!: Water Hoverbike Thingies

June 13, 2012


These are Jetovators. Jetovators are like the water-jetpacks we've seen in the past, except you ride them like a motorcycle. You know, because some guys like to feel that power between their legs. Personally, I'm happy with the feeling of my penis ping-ponging back and forth against my thighs when I walk, but that's just me and I don't wear underwear.

The Jetovator kit will set you back almost $9,000, and while that includes the bike, 50 feet of hose, and all the plumbing adapters you'll need, it doesn't include the personal water craft which is needed to power it

I'm sorry, but that's just too expensive for a welded frame and fire hose. Tell you what -- I'll make you the exact same thing for half the price. "Deal." Awesome, here you go. " a motorcycle with a garden hose trailing out of the exhaust pipe." Pretty sick, right? If you put your lips on the hose when the bike's running it makes you feel good! Now drive it into a pool.

Hit the jump for a worthwhile video demo.

Thanks to Dameon, who agrees water hover-bike jousting is gonna be like, THE it sport of 2013.

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