More Giant Video Game Overworld Map/Stage Murals

June 19, 2012


Remember last week's Legend of Zelda overworld map wall mural? Well Etsy seller Pacmania is back with even more, printing up some large (at least ~3-feet in one dimension, and some up to 15-feet long) Castlevania (above), Zelda, Final Fantasy, Metroid and Super Mario versions. And each for only $30-40! I ordered the Link to the Past one, but I'm hoping they make some for Rygar and Kid Icarus. Sure I could probably do it myself, but that would require work, and if there's one thing I never do, it's a good job.

Hit the jump for a bunch of the different games available, but be sure to check out the seller's Etsy page for these and more (including some old NES/SNES box-art posters).







Thanks to Lily, who agrees there's no excuse to have bare walls now. Or a bare ass. We're in public, people.

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