Middle Earth's Moria (Where Gandalf Fights The Balrog) "Hand Dug" And Built To Scale In Minecraft

June 11, 2012


This is gallery of Middle Earth's Moria faithfully recreated to scale in Minecraft. No clue how long it took, how many people it took, or what they could have accomplished if they were doing something more productive, all I know is it's pretty impressive and I couldn't have done it -- not in a million years. "Nobody lives a million years anyways." Fine, not in ten-thousand years, smartass.

Hit the jump for a bunch more of the I would have been more productive with my time. "You would have been drunk." I...would be wasted and crying over a reality show.











Thanks to Rev Dr Dom, who got banned from all the Minecraft servers for coming into people's villages and carving giant dongs everywhere.

  • There's no mithril on this map. 2/10 would not build.

  • TheLonelyBrit

    From the first picture I was guessing it was from the GodCraft server, now I'm starting to think it's from MCME(Minecraft MiddleEarth).Although I'm not sure how far along they are with their Mines of Moria, so it may be someone else entirely.

  • actually it is the godcraft server, nice catch

  • I cctually built one of these on my server :O
    Was about 200k blocks, and it was only the bit you see in the first picture, but it took a bloody long time

  • Guest

    That's seriously amazing. I tried the free version of Minecraft and all I could do with any proficiency was dig myself into very deep and boring holes.

  • efngn

    Holy crap! Does anyone know where i could download this; I play Minecraft!

  • smuff


    From the creator: "We have never, and probably will never release the map. It is 16000 x
    16000 blocks. Huge upload, rendering just map images takes 2-3 days. If
    we ever retire the map (it is still in use). We may upload it somewhere."

  • Joe Ferschke

    How do they know what the "scale" is? Are there any units of measure mentioned in the books?

  • efngn

    Uhh... a) The movie, watch it, b) Did you see the little guy? Thats you in Minecraft!

  • Leave him alone why don't ya.

  • That is strangely beautiful. It must have taken far too long. Maybe they're allergic to sunlight.

  • i like turtles.

  • a nexus owner too

    it must be a huge virginity to protect!

  • rikster81

    yup and they yell "you shall not pass" to girls

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