Mermaids Are Real, The Animal Planet Documentary (Complete With Government Conspiracies!)

June 9, 2012


This is an hour and a half documentary from the Animal Planet that none of you are going to watch, highlighting evidence that mermaids are real. Namely, a recording of mermaids talking to dolphins, as well as the body of one recovered from the stomach of a great white. I'd be lying if I told you I watched the whole thing, but only because I don't need to watch an hour and a half long video to know merpeople are real. I've seen one folks -- he saved me from drowning. "That was a beach lifeguard." Please, if it was just a lifeguard then why would I have tried to kiss him? "You said he was hunky." He was a total dreamcicle.

Hit the jump for the NOTE: this is entirely fake by the way. Probably should have mentioned that earlier. Still, send it to your mom and get her to forward it to everyone she knows.

Thanks to John, who also has evidence that mermaids are real, in the form of a eyewitness sketch. I thought the starfish nipples were a nice touch.

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