Maybe I Wanted To Read That: Carved Book Landscapes

June 15, 2012


This is a series of books carved into amazing little landscapes by artist and obvious hater of literacy, Guy Laramee. I'm pretty sure I've seen them going around the internet before, but I'm gonna be Frank with you. Kidding, that's my brother. I'll be honest instead: it's Friday, there isn't shit on the interwebs, and I have to go to the DMV and a doctor's appointment this afternoon. So if I disappear please take solace in the fact that I'm somewhere I don't want to be, inconsolably miserable, and fantasizing about ways to die.

Hit the jump for a bunch more impressiveness.








  • You're Adam Tod Brown from cracked!! I bloody knew it!

  • Those are beautiful - it's just a shame it involves the destruction of books. Oh well.

  • Signor Giuseppe

    DMV and then a "doctor's appointment" you say? And you recently moved to California? Could be a coincidence, but you could also be this guy:

  • That's what I reckon too!!

  • David Shire

    What's with the last one? Water, what?

  • Jadis

    the artistry is beautiful. This is really very cool. I only wish it were blank volumes. Destroying written works is shameful. Personally, more so because at least one of them is a Bible. Those of you who think this is even more awesome because it IS Bibles ought to be ashamed of yourselves. One does not have to agree with something to respect it's significance to others. That is a form of prejudice. Some things are sacred because they are, not because you believe they are or not.
    Expl. I probably would not agree with the Koran, but that doesn't mean I think they should be destroyed. Think about the Library of Alexandria. Who knows what knowledge was lost because the Library was burned.

  • The book is an object, not the incarnation of God nor is it an incarnation of the relationship between us and the Creative Divine.. It's like being sad or angry about drawing a picture on a photocopy of a love letter from your sweetie. Fact is, they are pretty terrible copies to begin with, especially if it is in English. The Christian bible itself warns about becoming too attached to things of the "world". Of making "things" instead of the Creator, your point of worship and reverence, or the focal point of faith. Though I appreciate the attempted sentiment, one must consider the possibility that to create something so intricate, detailed and beautiful is not the same as burning it and could itself be an act of reverence..And in the event that it might be a willful act of rebellion against the word or an act of vandalism... then I suspect God can decide and fend for Herself Also consider, there are other copies. If this were the last copy of the Christian bible in the world, then purely as a bibliophile I would protest.

  • Jadis

    I'm not promoting Bible worship. Taking your stated particular point a view could lead to people having sex in the church bathroom because God made sex and it's beautiful...ect. Having respect is not worshiping. The only way to know if this artist meant it as a form of reverence would be to ask them. Personally, I kinda doubt it based on experience with others who did 'creative' things with Bibles. We could also compare this 'reverence' to the difference between the sacrifices offered by Cain and Able and which was accepted.

  • Well said, I wish that more people would speak on the subject as well as you did.

  • Hard Restart

    Sanctity is largely in the perception of the individual. I might use the first X-Men comic issue in worship to my particular set of gods, but that doesn't make it universally sacred. Comparing the destruction of the Library of Alexandria to landscape-art'ing up the Bible is a bit ridiculous. The Bible is one of the most printed books in the world, no knowledge is being lost. The only groups that might suffer due to this sort of art are people like you who can't help but cry tears at the perception of an insult to your dear and fluffy religion and those that enjoy leaving a semen treat in hotel Bibles.

    You're right. The artistry is quite neat. Leave your idea of shame and perception of sanctity at home.

  • Jadis

    Obviously you didn't understand or otherwise didn't read the entire statement. I wasn't talking about comic books. I specifically mentioned the Bible because it is used, not out of an affiliation to any personal religious belief. I also mentioned the Koran for the purpose of opposites and a possible personal disagreement to point out that it should not be destroyed either just because the opposing group disagrees with it. Both are hundreds of years old and deserve some respect, regardless of how many are in print.

  • Kamala George

    well said hard restart. wish people would put that outrage to real use. Lots of books are trash ie....big printing mistakes, missing pages, it happens to all books but lots to these printed most like the bible the most printed book next to Harry Potter, ha ha. So unclench your rectums and put that energy towards ending child abuse or something.
    Also looks like some of the old encyclopedias that are out dated, so glad someone found a nice use for them. The history books from my high school we whoafully incomplete, for instance, not one black person in the whole book. No Thomas Crapper, no George Washington Carver, NONE! burn them carve them make them something useful.

  • Jadis

    I wasn't outraged... so hard to convey tone in text. (sigh) Should I have put ^_^ next to everything? At not point did I intent to convey yelling or angry faces. Get a grip -_- Not everyone who thinks things like the Bible should be shown some respect is a raving lunatic. :P ^_^

  • Geekychick

    I like the first one. Someone finally found a good use for the bible.

  • Brian Boitano

    This may be the coolest concept for art I've ever seen. Combining worlds of literature, vast landscapes of thought and word, the pinnacle, the peak of man's verbal and linguistic capability, AYE! Combined with our most artful demonstrations in the physical form *twirls away into the book landscapes*

  • Brian Boitano

    By the way, I am elevating all of our collective platforms by 1^ ing ALL OF YOUR POSTS! I salute you! *twirls away into cyberspace*

  • Nathan Klassen

    The bibliophile in me is very sad because of this, but the artist in me thinks this is awesome. internal battles suck.

  • Daniel L Charlebois

    The first book is the Bible...

  • does it really matter

  • Guest

    These are really amazing. I hope that there's an online video that shows this process.

    I really like the last one, it has a lot of realistic detail.

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