Maybe Abstinence IS The Answer: Banana Slugs Try To Bite Each Other's Wieners Off After Mating

June 29, 2012


Banana slugs are hermaphrodites and have both a dingaling (that comes out of the top of it's head -- think unicorn, but with a dong instead of a horn) and hoo-ha (I'm ten). So when they mate they usually both give and receive. But when they're done they try to bite each other's penises off so they can't mate with other slugs. That...sounds like a terrible time. Definitely not the kind of Craigslist casual encounter one would hope for. Now, I'm not advocating being a bad lover and pulling the ol' hit-and-split, but yes, yes I am. So to all you banana slug readers out there: finish first and RUN. Do NOT wait around to smoke a cigarette afterwards and DEFINITELY don't give your partner your name or address. The last thing you need is an ex-lover showing up in the middle of the night to gnaw your pecker off. Booty call, my ass!

Hit the jump for the disturbing video of a penis-biting contest in action.

Thanks to blaqk_panda, who told me about all the freaky shit blaqk_pandas do during and after sex and let me tell you -- I was blushing.

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