Marvel And Reebok Team Up For Comic Book Kicks

June 5, 2012


This is a series of soon to be released limited edition Reeboks based on various characters from the Marvel universe. Unfortunately, they decided against making a Dr. Strange pair, so I'll be saving my money. I only wear flip-flops anyways. Flip-flops and penny loafers. Except, instead of putting pennies in my loafers, I put condoms. That was a lie. I use dimes. That was also a lie. You got me, I don't own any penny loafers. Can you tell I'm terrible at interrogations? "GW -- where were you on the night of the 22nd?" *sobbing* IT WAS MEEEEEEEEEEE.

Hit the jump for a ton of shots of all the different models (a bunch of which are Pumps!)


















Thanks to bowzee and Outspire, who don't wear shoes because they've run through enough fires barefooted to develop ninja feet. Man, I want ninja feet. What if I break this Snapple bottle and walk on it?

  • No Iron Man? God, they leave out the only superhero whose shoes I would wear. GOD.

  • These would be awesome!......If I was 7 years old

  • AdamCoates

    The Sabertooth ones seem to be the only pair that I could instantly tell who they were supposed to be, without a symbol or anything. Weak Reebok, weak.

  • stuffsticks

    funny cause that was the only one i didn't recognise..thanks

  • Brandon

    I don't get the ones between Deadpool and Sabretooth.

  • Chamber from generation x and other stuff. I only know this because I saw a post about these a few days ago where all the souls of the shoes were out and it had his picture on them.

  • RiotDemon

    Wow, hideous. Where is iron man, Thor, hulk and Loki after the movie? Captain America is the least talked about avenger it seems.

  • The lack of Iron Man makes me sad :(

  • AdvancePlays

    Those Venom ones seem wearable.

  • Bob Thayer

    Yeah I'm all about those Venom ones. Hope I can score a pair.

  • peterparker523

    God those shoes are fugly.

  • dingus

    Shoes are so ugly, I doubt their will be a market for them...wait, black people.

  • dwbl

    in your scenario:
    the white people conceive, then virally transmit, then make snarky comments about, but it's the 'blacks' that actually have the balls to try and floss with them.

    all you guys do is surf and lead virtual lives.

    and honestly, they have better taste than you (think).

  • BillGatesIsYourDaddy're black?

  • BillGatesIsYourDaddy

    well that was a little racist.....but true

  • dingus

    How is that racist? Blacks know they sometimes wear tacky clothes, esp shoes...

  • Ed

    Deadpool pumps . . . WANT!

  • Matthew Kamm

    Captain America, Spider-Man, Wolverine, Deadpool, Nova, Sabertooth, Black Widow, Emma Frost, Venom, and Red Skull.

  • Brandon

    That last one is HYDRA, not Red Skull.

  • And they would be better if they were green and yellow

  • MORS

    not Nova. Chamber. for some reason he deserves a shoe

  • Bob Thayer

    I thought the same thing about Deadpool.

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