LAST CHANCE: Watch Venus Transit The Sun Tomorrow Or Have To Wait Another 105 Years (Note: You Will Be Dead)

June 4, 2012


Tomorrow afternoon (USA time) Venus will cross transit the sun and be visible from earth for several hours. Just make sure to use the old 'poke a hole in a piece of cardboard' trick and watch the shadow on the ground so you don't go blind. Save that for masturbating.

Because Venus and the earth don't orbit the sun on the exact same plane--Venus' orbit is tipped 3.4 degrees relative to ours--most of the time it's too high or too low...It only lines up in all 3 dimensions and traverses across the sun four times during an unusual 243 year cycle, with the transits coming in pairs separated by alternating periods of 121.5 and 105.5 years.

In the United States, the transit will begin at roughly 6:04 Eastern, 5:04 Central, 4:05 Mountain, and 3:06 Pacific Time. Over the course of several hours, Venus will appear as a small dot moving slowly against backdrop of the sun.

The next few transits will be in December 2117, December 2125, June 2247 and June 2255.

So yeah, if you want to see it get out there tomorrow afternoon, because there's no way you're gonna be alive in 105 years. "But what if they cryogenically freeze me and then bring me back to life?" Please, nobody's gonna pay to have you frozen.

Thanks to bb, who made me promise to catch her a star in a net even though she knows my good star-catching net has a hole in it and I'll have to sew the legs shut on the boxers I'm wearing and use those. Don't look at my butt!

  • Ed

    Thanks for the picture. I've seen all I need to.

  • Guest

    eh, cloudy days here in the eastern shores. Oh well, at least there's always YouTube.

  • Michael Keselman

    Theres not a sad chance in Hell that we'll see the sun today in Seattle. Have fun, everyone else.

  • Tron Johnson

    It's days like this that I hate having to work.

  • Watch online simulator of Transit of Venus

  • DomPearceDesign

    Apparently it ends about 3 minutes after the sun rises where I am, so no transit for me! Thank ye gods for everything being videoed for science these days.

  • nhaa i will be to busy playing dota2

  • Ha! Im blind! so the joke is on you GK!

  • BillGatesIsYourDaddy

    ** * ** * ** * *
    * * *
    ** * ** * **

    its supposed to be "fuck you" in braille. it didn't work...sooo.......fuck you

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