Japanese Beach Made Of 200 Tons Of Dead Sardines

June 7, 2012


On the left, a picture of port Ohara in Isumi City, Japan last week. On the right, a picture of the port this week, with bonus 200 tons of dead sardines washed ashore. Now I'm not saying Spongebob didn't make Poseidon's Crabby Patty the way he likes it, but you know how he gets when he has to send food back.

According to Japan Today, the rotting sardine beach started crashing onto the shore over the weekend and continued into this week. It's insane that there were so many sardines on the ground it looked like rocky sand. The smell from the sardines, as you can imagine, is god awful and cleanup projects have begun to bury the sardines in landfills. The scariest thing is that no one is sure why this is happening, some are saying it's a lack of oxygen, others are pointing to it as an omen for another disaster.

Yeaaaaah, this can't be good. Rarely is a plague of dead anything a good omen. Back me up, Bible-times people! Bible-times people? "They've been dead for like 2,000 years." I probably should have known that. They would have backed me up though. Still, you know what worries me even more than all the dead fish? Where are all the seagulls?

Thanks to Jeremy, who told me he loves sardines. Really? I know an all-you-can eat place in Japan, just saying!

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