I'm Coming, My Princess!: Knight's Armor Hoodies

June 12, 2012


This is a knight's armor hoodie created by Chadwick John Dillon, whose name even sounds kind of medieval. My medieval name? Sir Reacharound the Dragonlayer. "You mean Dragonslayer? I do not. *wink* Chadwick plans on selling the hoodies in his Etsy shop soon, but until then you're just gonna have to steal the idea, make your own, and get them to market before he does. Or, if you're a lazy knight like me, gluing some tin-foil swatches to an existing hoodie,then bursting out the door with a broomstick and jousting your apartment neighbors whenever you hear them in the hallway. They're generally unarmed, so it's usually a massacre.

Hit the jump for several more shots including the visor up and helmet off.




Thanks to Karsten, who put real chain-mail under a hoodie and then beat a guy he couldn't stab him and draw blood except dude went for his bare hand. It was a gusher.

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