I'm Coming, My Princess!: Knight's Armor Hoodies

June 12, 2012


This is a knight's armor hoodie created by Chadwick John Dillon, whose name even sounds kind of medieval. My medieval name? Sir Reacharound the Dragonlayer. "You mean Dragonslayer? I do not. *wink* Chadwick plans on selling the hoodies in his Etsy shop soon, but until then you're just gonna have to steal the idea, make your own, and get them to market before he does. Or, if you're a lazy knight like me, gluing some tin-foil swatches to an existing hoodie,then bursting out the door with a broomstick and jousting your apartment neighbors whenever you hear them in the hallway. They're generally unarmed, so it's usually a massacre.

Hit the jump for several more shots including the visor up and helmet off.




Thanks to Karsten, who put real chain-mail under a hoodie and then beat a guy he couldn't stab him and draw blood except dude went for his bare hand. It was a gusher.

  • John S Lee

    Where and how much?

  • Chad Puffinberger

    needs thumb holes in the sleeves

  • still cool af

  • namelessIII

    "Does it come in black?"

  • Ooooooo and I have the Sewing Skills to make something like this! My hubby saw it and was straight away pointing it out to me and how I could make him one. He's just deciding on what type of Armour he wants his in. Tempted to make myself a Lannister or GoldCloaks style one.

  • Jon Corpus

    I would pay you to make me one :DDD

  • Thats sounds awesome. :D
    Post pics please!

  • rebekahshurman

    Looks perfect for robbing a store!

  • Crucial

    Is that Theon Greyjoy?

  • Brian Huntington

    If it didn't have that stupid faux armor all over the chest, shoulders, and arms (if it were just the hood and face guard) this might be kind of cool.

  • 佳元 兪


  • i saw it go on another site for 125 USD

  • Jeff Callahan

    It actually has some practical uses. Winter? yep that would rule!

  • Liang Li

    Somebody went ahead and made the implicit explicit! 'There is only one style in men's fashion: militant' I personally spent more money than any reasonable being ever should on the Praetorian Hoody (search for TAD gear) which has the same sort of hood cut and really 'drapes down', like chain mail. Looks awesome for playing pond hockey. B)

  • Dillon Beard

    hey i know that guy.

  • Kevin Robles

    Wow... so much win!! how much!

  • Do want.

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