Iffy Avatar-Themed Nightclub Opens In South Africa

June 26, 2012


Note: Video ever so slightly NSFW due to some incredibly crappy wall art of nude-boobied Na'vi chicks a little after the 1:00 mark.

This is a promo video for AVASTAR, an Avatar themed nightclub in South Africa that looks suspiciously like a rollerskating rink. The video is hosted by AVASTAR owner Mike Basson, who sounds like he got his business degree out of a cereal box. I give the club till the end of the year before its closed for good and you and I are calling Mike trying to get a deal on some used fog machines.

Hit the jump for the that looks like a terrible time.

Thanks to kiran and Patrick, who don't go to themed clubs unless they're wild west themed and you can spit in spittoons.

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