I WILL WRECK YOU: Rugby Inspired Beer Vending Machine Only Dispenses Beer After A Hard Hit

June 12, 2012


This is a Salta brand beer vending machine modded by creative agency Ogilvy to only dispense a beer if it gets hit hard enough from the side (as gauged by the light-up meter on the front). The concept was that rugby fans would be more inclined to buy the beer if there was a...physical aspect involved. Me? I'm cool just asking the bartender for a freshie. The machine took a tour of bars in northern Argentina, where it allegedly increased beer sales by 25% from people wanting to beat on the thing. I dunno, I prefer my bar visits as violence-free as possible. Because I used to go to a pub that had one of those robotic punching bags you could hit as hard as you wanted for $1, but one time I missed and accidentally nailed a guy coming out of the bathroom. He died instantly. So did another guy on the shitter who only heard the punch and had a heart attack. I was gonna check his wallet to notify his next of kin but the bathroom smelled like he's just had the hot wings so I didn't.

Hit the jump for a commercial demoing the thing.

Thanks to Terrance, who agrees we should just take a sledgehammer to the thing and win all the beers at once.

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