I Called It: DC Comics Reboots Green Lantern As Gay

June 1, 2012


Seen here spotting a great deal on capris, a rebooted Green Lantern (the Alan Scott version, not the Hal Jordan version -- this was just the best pic I found when I Googled 'Green Lantern gay') will be revealed as a lover of men in the second issue of 'Earth 2' due out next week. Good lookin', Green. I'm serious -- I know I call you twinky sometimes, but you're still handsome (I just prefer bears).

But purists and fans note: This Green Lantern is not the emerald galactic space cop Hal Jordan who was, and is, part of the Justice League and has had a history rich in triumph and tragedy.

Instead, said James Robinson, who writes the new series, Alan Scott is the retooled version of the classic Lantern whose first appearance came in the pages of "All-American Comics" No. 16 in July 1940.

"He doesn't come out. He's gay when we see him in issue two," which is due out Wednesday. "He's fearless and he's honest to the point where he realized he was gay and he said 'I'm gay.'"

Well, there you have it. We all knew it gonna be Robin, Aquaman ,Green Lantern or a female character, and it was Green Lantern. Thank goodness too, the suspense was killing me! "You don't even remember writing about this before, do you?" Please, I couldn't even tell you what my last article was about. There is a 75% chance I mentioned penises though.

Thanks to jediGK, Matt and milpool, who agree Aquaman should come out too and get with Green Lantern and then they should make a movie about it. I'm talking about a sex tape.

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