I Called It: DC Comics Reboots Green Lantern As Gay

June 1, 2012


Seen here spotting a great deal on capris, a rebooted Green Lantern (the Alan Scott version, not the Hal Jordan version -- this was just the best pic I found when I Googled 'Green Lantern gay') will be revealed as a lover of men in the second issue of 'Earth 2' due out next week. Good lookin', Green. I'm serious -- I know I call you twinky sometimes, but you're still handsome (I just prefer bears).

But purists and fans note: This Green Lantern is not the emerald galactic space cop Hal Jordan who was, and is, part of the Justice League and has had a history rich in triumph and tragedy.

Instead, said James Robinson, who writes the new series, Alan Scott is the retooled version of the classic Lantern whose first appearance came in the pages of "All-American Comics" No. 16 in July 1940.

"He doesn't come out. He's gay when we see him in issue two," which is due out Wednesday. "He's fearless and he's honest to the point where he realized he was gay and he said 'I'm gay.'"

Well, there you have it. We all knew it gonna be Robin, Aquaman ,Green Lantern or a female character, and it was Green Lantern. Thank goodness too, the suspense was killing me! "You don't even remember writing about this before, do you?" Please, I couldn't even tell you what my last article was about. There is a 75% chance I mentioned penises though.

Thanks to jediGK, Matt and milpool, who agree Aquaman should come out too and get with Green Lantern and then they should make a movie about it. I'm talking about a sex tape.

  • ...and it won't be long before Aquaman is revealed!

  • My sympathies to comic book fans... I know you guys really, just, you know... think that Comic books matter... so, this must be really crushing.

  • punisher11987

    any one else think they should have gone with that costume instead of the cgi one

  • JJtoob

    You little liar! You said it would be Robin! Haha, I think he's still in the closet.

  • Ickolith

    Not a big surprise, he's a superhero that gets his powers from wearing jewellery after all.

  • GirlFromSpace

    I still fapped to this.... :-/ (shame on me!)

  • Ideacochise

    Gay characters have been around for sometime now, but to make a buzz off what character would be gay is just wrong. They way that comic industry approaches homosexuals is so out of touch. Here's my rant about it. http://www.youtube.com/watc...

  • Zack Barstow

    Works for me. GL fans are the most annoying bunch of comic book fans in existence and anything that works them up into a butthurt frenzy just makes me laugh.
    Not that any of this matters anyways. DC is just pissed that Marvel took the spotlight away from them again so they whip out a gay character but don't have enough backbone to use a character people actually give a crap about.
    'Sides, any superhero who's weakness is the color yellow is gay by default.

  • Soylent Green Is People

    You ain't call shit, son. Check my profile and look up my posts on the topic. I said it was going to be Green Lantern! Don't try to steal my thunder, GW!

  • Guest

    Everyone is still posting pictures of the wrong F'in GL though. Hal Jordan (The one Ryan Reynolds played in the horrible movie) isn't the one that is Gay in the new DC title. It is (as the story says) Alan Scott. Which btw is stupid, since he previously had a wife and 2 kids in the pre-New 52 universe of DC. That being said, I am glad they have an openly gay character, but I really hate how DC is just using cheap ploys to get readers. They really need to get better at writing story-lines like Marvel has been doing for years!

  • *gasp* SO DID TOM CRUISE!

  • I'm a more a marvel fan, but are you serious? The geoff johns run atm is amazing. And batman is also amazing.

    Plus you gotta remember just cause you had kids or a wife, you can still be gay later on.

  • I cant wait for them to reveal who is going to be the Lesbian character

  • Guest

    It really doesn't change much....kind of unsurprising and okay with the change.

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