Hyundai/Walking Dead Create "Zombie-Proof" Car

June 18, 2012


Hyundai teamed up with The Walking Dead comic creator Robert Kirkman to create a "Zombie Survival Machine" version of their Elantra Coupe, which will be unveiled at next month's San Diego Comic Con but not available for retail purchase. *eying picture* WELL DARN.

The car was designed by Kirkman who tapped a decade of experience vanquishing zombies to come up with the key protective features of the vehicle. These include a spiked cow catcher for plowing through slow-moving zombie mobs, spinning blades protruding from the wheel hubs, slotted metal plates protecting the windows and a metal fence that pops up around the sunroof opening to create a protected firing position. The car runs on all-terrain rally style tires for high speed driving and has an old-school CB radio to communicate with other survivors.

I'm gonna be honest: of all the vehicles I'd want to be driving during a zombie apocalypse, a compact coupe isn't one of them. A tank? A tank is one of them. A Hummer? A Hummer is also one of them. An ice cream truck? No. Well, unless the clown from Twisted Metal is driving, in which case as long as he doesn't try to touch my privates.

Thanks to Brad, who agrees the best thing to be driving during a zombie apocalypse is a f***ing spaceship the hell out of here.

  • Garrett Spicer

    LOL a Hyundai made of steel? Yeah 0-60 in about 2 days.

  • Schoolbus with scrap metal welded to it and a wedge on the front with gunmounts where the emergency exits are. Reinforced roof to hold gunmounts and metal welded across the windows would be my go-to vehicle. Lots of room for survivors, lots of room for supplies, and you can use it as a camper. The only problem is that dang folding door. Don't know what I'd do to make that better.

  • Guest

    I have a better idea, that is far scarier and effective than spikes and junk.

    Step 1. Get a car.
    Step 2. Get some duct tape.
    Step 3. Tape Richard Simmons to the hood of the car.

    This is a very good solution since that guy is so scary, he even scares away the undead.

  • Wow. What an insane waste of time, energy and resources. Seriously. Here's a hint for you kiddies: the zombie apocalypse will never come. It's not real. It's fantasy. I'm starting to think some of you don't understand that judging by the immense amount of time being wasted on this subject. Now, the motorcycle with a drumset attached that was in the previous post? That's actually useful since it can help you create real life things with it (like music) and not just fulfill your inane fantasies (zombie-killing). What does a concept car for an imaginary horror-movie scenario do for anyone other than waste time? Nothing (Although I suppose it would be fun to blast through Cabrini Green with that thing). All you little geeks out there should take a cue from the biker dude and go learn how to play an instrument instead of sitting around designing zombie-proof personal shelters and zombie-killing multi-tools. If you really are into survival, try building something useful like a anthrax-proof car or a device that both reads the ambient radiation level of an area AND dispenses unlimited amounts of toilet paper. There, now get those Monster-soaked brains working on that problem.

  • Justice Law

    Toilet paper? HA! I don't need toilet paper, in my house, we use a squat toilet. And when you think about it, it's much cleaner.

  • Dsembr

    Here's the thing, pop culture science fiction has been driving innovation for well over a century. As long as us nerds have hypothetical scenarios to discuss in great detail that trend will continue. The Zombie Apocalypse will never happen, you're right, but it creates imaginative debates and discussions. Who knows, maybe this will lead to medical breakthroughs and advances in containing actual viral outbreaks, innovations in architecture and engineering, or at least get a few kids interested in psychology or sociology?

  • Panzimar

    YES, exactly. Learn an instrument. A guitar can last a good couple blows, horns are also decent weapons of bludgeoning. God forbid you get close enough to need this, but hell, god is out to lunch anyway, piano wire might come in handy for decapitations. Radiation proof and anthrax proof transports, also good ideas, since you probly don't know what caused the outbreak and you'll want your bases covered (& you'll need ample toilet paper, good on you for suggestion). Really don't know what a motorcycle drum set could be used for though...a quick getaway I guess...might be a weakness though, you'll give 'em something to latch onto. You don't want a zombie riding shotgun on drums, unless you're Jack White.

  • BillGatesIsYourDaddy

    zombie lover

  • whacko

    First off, you aren't going to get far with this car during a zombie apocalypse. The car is too low to the ground, so you won't be able to drive over any rubble or downed zombies. The cow catcher will prevent you from being able to clear normal speed bumps. The spikes will trap zombies and weigh down your car making it hard to clear obstacles with that thing's 4 cylinder engine. The wheel spikes are a broken-axle waiting to happen. The doors are not protected at all. The window covering are mounted to the car's body panels and not to a roll cage that surrounds the passenger compartment.

    All in all, you would be better off running on foot.

  • utera

    Yea those are anti people mods, people have fear of being skewered. Zombies would just bog that thing down as they get scooped up by the mods, you need a truck or something stronger to ram things. Cars are unibody construction for weight and cost, not strength, you will just wreck the frame ramming through stuff.

  • meh, robot apocalypse is more likely than zombie.

  • I'd rather have an airship.


    First, you don't want giant spikes anywhere on this thing. Things tend to get stuck on giant spikes and add weight to your vehicle. You start plowing into hoards of zombies with this thing its gonna be a collector and the front end if going to get weighed down and the fancy plow is going to turn into an anchor!

    Second, the front end is where the engine is, you don't want to be ramming things with the power source of your vehicle. While its a good idea to have the plow there cause at some point you are going to need to run into things head on, you want one on the back end as well cause you can use it as a ram without fear of engine damage.

    Third, you really want trip rods on the wheels? I mean sure the idea is super snazzy and all that but when you hit something and knock the front to hell and break the tire rod ends and other steering components and can no longer steer, then what asshole? You get out and run and this fancy little piece of ill thought out engineering aint worth jack dick.

    Forth, window bars while a fine idea need to be reinforced and have cross bars to really keep any semblance of strength when being pushed on. You need to have a tighter mesh and cross bars lined up in the opposite direction so things cant reach in if the windows get broken.

    I think this is cute. I mean I drew things like this when I was in elementary school but as far as being practical, its not. Its got some good elements but overall is just another ill conceived death trap waiting to happen.

    Back to the drawing board.

  • BillGatesIsYourDaddy

    You are missing the major flaw that this is a little fwd car. The best zombie car will be an older model 4x4 truck that is pre-computer. no electronics. common engine like a chevy 350 or ford 302 where parts are readily available. The only accessory that is running on the engine is the alternator and water pump. The radiator can be relocated into the bed leaving the front end available to be strengthen up with steel reinforcement without fear of overheating the engine.

    Remove the glass and replace with steel mesh panels. You can get a fairly thick gauge that will stop zombies from pushing through but with enough perforation to see through.

  • jason lau

    According to the Zombie Survival Guide, motorized vehicles are death traps. Best mode of transportation is a bicycle.

  • BillGatesIsYourDaddy

    A bicycle would be a death trap in my opinion.
    #1 you are having to expend your energy to propel it meaning you will need stores of food and water to keep yourself going which will add weight that you will need to also propel. No to the bicycle.
    #2 If you go the 2-wheel route a good 4-stroke enduro motorcycle would be best. Between 250cc and 500cc would be perfect range. You can mount saddle bags and a gun scabbard easily to this and still maintain maneuverability.
    #3 I personally would have both. The 4x4 truck and the motorcycle in the back for bugging out if needed.

    In the end the best bet would be a large 40-50ft cuddy cabin boat that you can anchor in the middle of the largest lake you can find. I am talking 750-1000 square miles big. No small lakes. The lake would keep the zombies away but if you are close enough for some redneck with a 7mm to spot you then that does you no good.

  • You make some wonderful points and I totally agree.

  • oni099

    I agree with the spikes but if you had bars going both ways it would inpare yore vision, and the grill at the front is the only part that would be at risk of damage at least from ramming zombies. the bulldozer blade could perhaps have a forward angled part at the top to stop so many bouncing up and be a bit higher so it can get over speed humps and not collect zombies

  • So say you, but had you considered a femur puncturing the radiator? What then good sir? That grill is far too exposed a piece and isn't the only thing that could be damaged in a front on collision :D

  • Dsembr

    I agree with just about all of this and then some. Not only does the zombie-laden plow tend to bog down your ride, but all those squirmy hood ornaments are going to seriously impede your ability to see where the hell you are going, provided you actually get clear of whatever herd you're driving through.

    Also, glass windows serve no purpose. Once damaged they become an obstruction or cease to exist anyway. The description of this vehicle says it has slotted metal plates but the picture appears to show metal bars reinforcing basic glass windows. Slotted steel is the way to go, nothing else is going to cut it.

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