Hyundai/Walking Dead Create "Zombie-Proof" Car

June 18, 2012


Hyundai teamed up with The Walking Dead comic creator Robert Kirkman to create a "Zombie Survival Machine" version of their Elantra Coupe, which will be unveiled at next month's San Diego Comic Con but not available for retail purchase. *eying picture* WELL DARN.

The car was designed by Kirkman who tapped a decade of experience vanquishing zombies to come up with the key protective features of the vehicle. These include a spiked cow catcher for plowing through slow-moving zombie mobs, spinning blades protruding from the wheel hubs, slotted metal plates protecting the windows and a metal fence that pops up around the sunroof opening to create a protected firing position. The car runs on all-terrain rally style tires for high speed driving and has an old-school CB radio to communicate with other survivors.

I'm gonna be honest: of all the vehicles I'd want to be driving during a zombie apocalypse, a compact coupe isn't one of them. A tank? A tank is one of them. A Hummer? A Hummer is also one of them. An ice cream truck? No. Well, unless the clown from Twisted Metal is driving, in which case as long as he doesn't try to touch my privates.

Thanks to Brad, who agrees the best thing to be driving during a zombie apocalypse is a f***ing spaceship the hell out of here.

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