How To: Rob A Truck While Driving On The Highway

June 13, 2012


This is a night-vision video from Romania's Department for Organised Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT) featuring a group of thieves (potentially a group of vampires) pulling up behind a truck on the highway and attempting a robbery. How? Hold on to your tits for this one:

It shows the gang's vehicle first sneaking up behind the truck, and once it's in position, one of the passengers...climbs out of the sunroof and onto the hood while another holds his legs. Using special tools the thief then cuts the lock and opens the truck's back doors, only to find nothing worth pinching, so the gang aborts their Ocean's 11-like stunt.

What the hell were they gonna do if they DID find something worth stealing? Toss it out the back and watch it get run over by the getaway car? You know, I'd really like to think that, at some point when this dumb @$$hole is dangling by his feet on the hood of a speeding vehicle, he had the time to think to himself, "F*ck, man -- I should just get a JOB."

Hit the jump for the I'd rather just be poor.

Thanks to Joanne, who told me this certainly brings new meaning to the the term, "highway robbery". I nodded and giggled even though I didn't get it.

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