Hey Honey, Wouldn't This Look Great In The Dining Room?: Half-Ton Scrap Metal Transformer Wine Rack

June 14, 2012


Seen here hanging out with the shoes of his fallen enemies, a half-ton scrap metal Transformer shows off his wine-storing capabilities. Not bad, Optimus Wino, but let's see how well you store my foot up your ass! HI-YA! Okay, that might need a tetanus shot. Per Craigslist ad obviously written by a used car salesman (or Stan from Monkey Island):

For the discerning individual who appreciates artwork and wine - you now have a great opportunity to meld those together into one piece of artwork that will display your bottle collection like no other wine rack. This will make you the talk of your wine club, HOA, alcoholics anonymous support group, etc...

There are only several times in one's life when one has the opportunity to purchase something that is RIDICULOUSLY COOL. This is one of those moments.

The creator is asking $7,000 for the piece, which is on the higher end of my wine rack budget, but I think if I sell off some of the more expensive vintages in my collection, I could probably make it happen. "Dammit GW, there's no way you have a wine collection." Oh really? Then what do you call *opening closet door with a flourish* THIS?! "A closet full of empty Mad Dog 20/20s." Most people say they're gross but I like them!

Hit the jump for a bunch more shots.





Thanks to jackalope ranch, who allegedly raise jackalopes although I suspect it's just the front for a money laundering scheme considering JACKALOPES DON'T EXIST.

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