Guy Makes Assassin's Creed Hidden Gun Mod IRL

June 1, 2012



These are a couple pictures of DeviantARTist volfraider's Assassin's Creed inspired hidden gun/blade combo. The gun hides up your sleeve until, SNIKT! -- there's a gun in your hand and you're waving it around like a maniac rambling about conspiracies and Abstergo Industries. Eventually, the police will be called, and you'll go down in hail of gunfire. " the Animus," you'll muster with your dying breath. A puzzled officer will on the scene will ask, "What did he say?" and the lieutenant, concealing his Knights Templar lapel pin, "He said it's fine to dump his body off a bridge so we can leave work early today." Down the rabbit hole.

Hit the jump for one more shot with a better view of the Tootsie Roll Pop.


Thanks to my buddy Terry, who doesn't like concealed guns and rides around in a tank. Hoho, sounds like he's making up for something! (He is -- he never owned a car)

  • Aalok

    I know his intention was to make an Assassin's Creed replica, but it looks more like the mechanism that Travis Bickle used in Taxi Driver. :P

  • James

    nice use of a rack mount server rail kit.

  • Azariel_z

    Someone is going to IKEA a lot lately...

  • volfraider

    Oh and also, It isn't a spring rig, it just locks in and out.

  • volfraider

    I made this and to clear up 2 things it is a tootsie pop, (it was delicious) and although something like this was in taxi driver, mine was based more off of an assassin's creed like modern weapon.

  • artilleryboy

    Better be careful he doesn't stab himself in the wrist/hand with the knife

  • Toastrider

    I bet you could fit a compact holdout onto that slide though...

  • Fake gun is fake, but real knife could do the user some serious injury there.

  • ElSpanielo

    Is that tootsie roll hovering? And is that tootsie roll casting the shadow of a Tie Fighter?

  • Daniel Sanson

    Definitely Taxi driver

  • qwerpy

    i believe it's a grape dumdum, not a tootsie roll pop. the dimensions are a little off.
    and that will officially be the most notable thing i've said all day.

  • Jeff_W1977

    A knife/gun in a gambler's rig is a *terrible* idea.

  • Shadi

    Travis Bickle much?

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