Growing Up RIGHT: Father Spends 150+ Hours Painting Zelda Wind Waker/Spirit Tracks Nursery For Future Son

June 21, 2012


Cole Bradburn, the same man who helped paint THIS Yoshi's Island themed nursery, decided it was time he and his wife have a little Kokiri of their own and decided on a Wind Waker/Spirit Tracks themed nursery. This is the result of 150+ hours of painting over three months and "copious amounts of root beer." Now I'm not sure how many root beers ol' Sugarhigh McShakeyhands here chugged before deciding to film the room, but my guess is 2-liters too many. The last time I drank that much root beer I ran through a wall like the Kool-Aid Man.

Hit the jump for a motion-sickness inducing tour.

Thanks to garrett and Cara, who both opted for Diablo III nurseries and got child services called.

  • Vinyl Wall Art Decal

    That is awesome

  • Thanks..

  • zeldasbff

    This is freaking awesome but I hope they don't plan to ever move because that would be sad :(

  • Yeah it's good, but 150 hours? That's half a month of working non stop except sleep. I could have done that in one day. Okay maybe 2. Just seems like a little too much time is all I'm saying. Really great mural...but really ... 150 hours...

  • kristian

    you are either the fastest, most talented douche in the world. or... just a douche.

  • Probably would've turned out better if I had Link from birth...

  • sparrowinghands

    that is awesome, windwaker is my favourite zelda as well. i want that on my wall

  • BillGatesIsYourDaddy

    I guess I am doing it wrong. I just pasted up pages from old Hustler magazines.

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