Get Back Inside!: KFC's Burger With Cheese On Top

June 27, 2012


This is the 'Streetwise' Cheese Top Burger from KFC in the Philippines. It has a slice of melted cheese on the top of the bun, making it the LEAST 'streetwise' burger I've ever seen. Jesus, the only streetdumber sandwich would be one with ALL the condiments on the outside. Now how are you supposed to eat that and drive without getting your fingers all messy? "You're not supposed to eat and drive." Ha, tell that to the guy I just saw zoom by with an open pizza box on his lap (true story).

Thanks to Lynn, who likes her cheese where it belongs: ON THE INSIDE (of her tummy!).


    They should called it Street-Retard, Whats a cheese doing on top of a burger that's just insane and will make the burger messier to eat. and look its on already.

  • Cole Carey

    I'm so confused... O_o

  • relawson

    Oh, and btw i'm so going to try one. I'm very curious as to how they are going to "wrap" this thing without ruining the topcheez.

    A box, maybe?

  • relawson

    KFC (the only thing missing is U!! ha, haha, ha) so, major fail 101, biting into something with a slice of cheese on TOP will immediately get stuck to the top front teeth and the roof of the mouth.

    Fucking idiots! Know what would have been a better promotion? The Double-Down, get this, WITH BREAD! That would be fucking amazing!

  • fugasi

    Um, Seriously you are missing the point of the whole thing. It is clear to me that this isn't about the cheese but merely a diversion so that you don't pay atention to the ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM. WTF is that burger looking a bit orange. I'm not even sure that is technically a burger as it appears to be more like smeat..

  • JJtoob

    You know what I want? A pocket bread burger, so the stuff doesn't spill out the back as I eat it. Why has no one come up with that???

  • Sierra Wood

    That is called a Hot Pocket...

  • JJtoob

    No, like a serious burger size one, and where did the hot pocket touch you that you hate it so much?

  • BillGatesIsYourDaddy

    That's called a Calzone

  • Suit #1: We need more revenue.
    Suit #2: How about we take the cheese and put it on top of the sandwich?
    (Slow clap ensues)
    Suit #3: Great Idea.
    Suit #4: I sharted.

  • Davo555

    No lie I made a sandwich today at a stop light, I even cut an onion with my survival knife I stash by my seat.

  • looks her cheese?

  • First! how do you eat that without getting messy hands?

  • $18922249

    Annnnnnd that will be 40 down arrows for you, good sir!

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