Reader's Garbage Pail Kids Card Full-Back Tattoo

June 6, 2012


This is a picture of Geekologie reader Glen's full-back Garbage Pail Kids tattoo. The original Garbage Pail Kids the design came from were named Charred Chad and Fryin' Ryan, but Glen had the name changed to 'Orrible Ozzie for his backpiece because he has a son named Ozzie. Good lookin', Glen. Well, except for the fact it looks more like a Garbage Pale Kid, amirite?! Man, I'm a jerk.

Thanks Glen, and I'm waaaay pastier (almost see-thru) if it makes you feel any better.

  • James

    Nice work dude, if i can suggest anything, just make some exercise so you get all the chicks.

  • its his body! what is wrong with you people?

  • Orrible ozzy is a good to see. I love this type of tattoo. Really I was looking forward to read about it. The design is "simply better". Thanks for this allocation. :lol:

  • thank you, you are awesome and have great taste

  • Admittedly not a huge fan of this, but I can appreciate decent work when I see it. Good on you for being ballzy enough to do it.

  • thank you Jenni,and good on you too , and yes you are right bc is a dog fucker and a massive puss cake


    Your tattoo is stupid and you should feel stupid.

  • and you're real pretty, probably why your uncle raped you repeatedly as a child

  • bc

    Ugliest Tattoos failblog, here ya come!

  • your mums ass here I come

  • bc

    Wow, if you think the idea of having anal intercourse with a 65 year old woman with failing eyesight and a limp sounds appealing then please have at it. Then again, I suppose when you're a major tool and have tattoos like that, women with poor eyesight are your only option.

  • i'll tell your mum you said that !, When i'm your new dad you better watch it or I'll ground you !!....and buttfuck your mum in the next room so you can hear us x

  • bc

    This is funny, you obviously have the intellect of a high school dropout.
    Is that the best you can do? Butt fuck my 'mum'? Ground me? What are you twelve? Do people really say this outside of secondary school? Do you really think this of all things will get under my skin? I guess I'll call it chav logic.

    The best part of this exchange, other than your complete inability to defend yourself in a semi-original or intelligent manner, is that your "tattoo" did indeed show up on Ugliest Tattoos Failblog site, without ME having to submit it:


  • your mum is a pedo

  • aww no one like your post :(

  • hey it is there !, wonder who posted it ??, funny how all the comments are positive though ?, guess you should post your post in failedslaggycommentsblog.cock !, guess you should stop fucking your uncle and slagging people and stop being a pussy and get that gay tribal tattoo you always wanted x x

  • I am 12, your mum is a pedo

  • I am 12, your mum is a pedo

  • bc

    The sad thing is you're likely in your 20s 30s but just have the intellect of a 12 year old. I would suggest you get a job and an education but then they would take you off the welfare and we couldn't have that.

  • James

    If you are so fucking mature you would have stopped making stupid comments since the 1st one. You don´t like it? Fine! Now go and make something wise instead of wasting your goddamned time here. NO ONE gives a rat´s ass about how mature or intelligent you think you are. BC? Does it stands for Bull Crap?

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