Frozen Pizza Run!: TMNT Car Spotted At Sam's Club

June 22, 2012


Note: High-res version HERE because this car deserves it.

This is a shot taken by Redditor kvnmahan at a Nashville Sam's Club of what is arguably the coolest car I'll see all weekend. Possibly life. Apparently it's owned by a local rapper named Lex Top Dollar. My rap name? GW Last Dime. I don't really have a lot of street cred right now, but all that's gonna change when I get my new ride. "Impala?" Please. "Escalade?" Get real. "Lowrider?" Even better -- scooter. Gas, homey -- none of that cray-cray electric shit.

Thanks to DanQ, who agrees it should have pizza hubcabs.

  • jcard

    lex is legit he used to have that car painted black with the batman sign on it he was in jail for murder till they dropped charges

  • Leah Wright

    A comment on another site said it goes to his site,

  • Leah Wright

    I saw it in Murfreesboro, too.. pulled over by a cop on 231! haha That's definitely the Sam's on John Rice Blvd in Murfreesboro

  • Ben Wicks

    This awesome car is actually in Murfreesboro, TN. I saw it the other day!

  • Lee

    Can anyone scan that QR code on the window and link it? Im curious what it says O_o

  • Guest

    And just like that their classic cartoon theme song abruptly enters my mind.
    Anyway this is a sweet work done to this car, well done too. :D

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