Flip-Flop That Doubles As An Emergency Swimsuit

June 14, 2012


RETROACTIVE WARNING: Man-crotch in your face.

This is the ThingThong from designer Douglas Hamilton, a flip-flop with a super-elastic strap that can be worn as an emergency swimsuit in case a shark eats your other one. Plus it has a thong back for maximum tanning! My God how I love the feeling of a thong between my clenched, cottage cheese buttcheeks. Now I'm not sure what you're supposed to do if you were born with a peenor so crooked the flip-flop would never cover the whole thing, but my guess is JOIN THE F***ING CLUB. Ol' boomerang boner over here has to pee facing sideways.

Hit the jump for two shots of the flip-flop not being worn and an ender of a dude's buttcheeks.




Thansks to whoever sent me this yesterday whose tip I couldn't find again because the subject line obviously didn't contain the words "flip-flop, sandal or dong-cover'. Hey, I tried searching.

  • A very nice stuff :D . This is perfect if you don't have any thing in swimming then you can use your flip flap to make it as your thong. Really useful.

  • Azariel_z

    Certainly doesn't double to hide Appendectomy Scars...

  • Great, so now the fungus can travel from foot to crotch in record time. If only there was some kind of douche / sandal combo to make VYI more effective, the whole family could suffer together!

  • GreyGanado

    Wouldn't the cock get out of there quickly?

  • Ed

    Thank God! now I can stop having that nightmare where I'm at the shore and my trunks disappear in front of the US women's beach volley ball team.

  • Athlete's crotch!

  • :ohgodwhy:

  • Chani Lawrence Martinez

    imagine getting a veruca down there...

  • Ah goodie, you get two so you can share with a friend!

  • Looks stupid, but it's put a big smile on my face. Thanks GW.

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