FINALLY: Fresh Pizza Vending Machines Coming To US

June 13, 2012


Seen here wearing shoes so pointy my butt is cringing at the very thought of a kick from one, a woman demonstra-- "Dammit GW, that was definitely a fart." IT WAS A CRINGE. You still might want to pull your shirt up over your nose though. This is a video of a woman demonstrating the Let's Pizza (you know, because pizza is a verb -- like, Let's Nacho) vending machine. The machine kneads dough, pours sauce and adds up to three toppings, all in less than 3-minutes. 10.5" pizzas are expected to cost around $6 as the machine starts rolling out across the country this fall. The concept has actually been out for awhile (read: this Geekologie post from 2007), but is just now coming to the US after extensive test-marketing in other (presumably fat and sweatpants-wearing) populations. I dunno, would you eat a vending machine pizza? (That was meant to be rhetorical, I really don't care)

Hit the jump for the video of this woman's lips not moving to the words that are being said.

Thanks to Beesem, SonicAlligator, Alan, neolardo and Chuck, who tried tipping a pizza vending machine over for a free pie but it wound up catching fire. It smelled delicious.

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