FINALLY: Fresh Pizza Vending Machines Coming To US

June 13, 2012


Seen here wearing shoes so pointy my butt is cringing at the very thought of a kick from one, a woman demonstra-- "Dammit GW, that was definitely a fart." IT WAS A CRINGE. You still might want to pull your shirt up over your nose though. This is a video of a woman demonstrating the Let's Pizza (you know, because pizza is a verb -- like, Let's Nacho) vending machine. The machine kneads dough, pours sauce and adds up to three toppings, all in less than 3-minutes. 10.5" pizzas are expected to cost around $6 as the machine starts rolling out across the country this fall. The concept has actually been out for awhile (read: this Geekologie post from 2007), but is just now coming to the US after extensive test-marketing in other (presumably fat and sweatpants-wearing) populations. I dunno, would you eat a vending machine pizza? (That was meant to be rhetorical, I really don't care)

Hit the jump for the video of this woman's lips not moving to the words that are being said.

Thanks to Beesem, SonicAlligator, Alan, neolardo and Chuck, who tried tipping a pizza vending machine over for a free pie but it wound up catching fire. It smelled delicious.

  • vending business opportunities

    What a beautiful machine this is,,,,I really loved it.,,!

  • lorobird

    There's one of these at my university in the UK. It is really bad pizza, but delicious when you've been in the library for 8 hours, the cafeteria is closed, the shop is closed, and you really need something in your stomach. Only 4 quid! (Incredibly expensive, that means). Only barely tastes like cardboard!

  • Lu Cho

    damn you GW, now I want some pizza....


    In my country there are mainly 2 styles of pizza: "a la piedra y al molde" meaning: cooked with a mold or in a brick oven. the latter ones are usually really flat and crispy, kinda like the one you see in this ad. And, yes, that's the original Italian style. But the mold ones are great too, sometimes they have stuffing and stuff... damn I'm hungry :P

  • Sarah Koll

    Pizza needs time to ferment properly. This says that it is just water and flour. It then says that "leavening is instantaneous". So... either it's a quick rise dough which means it has a biscuit crust or it is a liar. Honestly, I'd feel better if it were a cracker crust (unleavened).

  • Tron Johnson

    First off, I'm going to get this vending machine to go next to my rugby beer vending machine.

    Also, Wah Wah Wah is all I hear. Most of you are a bunch of whiney sounding babies! This is a different style pizza than us American's are used to. Watch any documentary about the origins of pizza and you will realize that the what we expect now here in America is completely different from the original. And Ami Hatchard says they are not half bad. I would definitely like to give one a try!

  • Lee

    So shes in the nurses outfit to confirm we'll be sick after technicians repairing them fix the devices whilst sneezing inside them or because the tomato/cheese dispensers will just be 'that bad' after X number of weeks it hasnt been cared for cause no one will like it?

  • The reason why this isn't in lipsync is because it was dubbed into english. Likely it was spoken in italian when originally created.

  • Being that this is an Italian company, it's probably safe to assume the pizza that one would get is much different than what Americans would expect. Depending on the quality of the ingredients in the machine, I can imagine that this device could make a pretty decent pizza margherita, but most US consumers might be confused to learn that real pizza is simple and lacks 30 toppings and a vat of sauce.

  • HektikLyfe

    Vending machines have less human fingers and hairs touching it than local pizza shops. So hell yes. More chances of eating bugs though...

  • That pizza looks a bit...awful. The porn star presenter was interesting.

  • We actually have one of these in my Uni basement; they're not half bad. Fun to watch :P

  • BillGatesIsYourDaddy

    Wait a minute. Do we get a pizza and the hooker?
    This just might work.

  • lorobird

    Hello misogynist. You are gross, this is why you don't have a sex life. Sorry to break the news like this, but there is a point in life when you must face the truth. You are gross.

  • BillGatesIsYourDaddy

    jeez....what the hell do you have against pizza?

    you sound like you need to get a hooker and relax.

  • CkGordon

    That pizza looks cheap and crappy. And for $6? I can go to little caesars and get a crappy pizza for only $5 and in less than 3 minutes.

  • Emmitt Morgans

    This scares me: knowing how bad vending machine coffee tastes, I don't think I'd ever want a vending machine pizza.

    Well... at least the price isn't too ridiculous.

  • relawson

    Saw these on "how it's made" and have been waiting to use one!

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