Envy Of The Neighborhood: Dr. Who TARDIS Door Decals

June 8, 2012


This is a set of $30 "Police Box" door decals meant to resemble Dr. Who's TARDIS. Please note: THEY DO NOT MAKE YOUR DOOR BLUE. They're just the four stickers. You're gonna have to paint it yourself if you want a more authentic look. Alternatively, rip your front door off the hinges and install a pair of those swinging saloon doors from the wild west. Sure they're terrible for security, but if a robber wanders in and sees you drinking whiskey next to the minibar with six-shooters in hand, I think you'll be okay. I know I was. *turns head to hock loogie into spittoon, lands on shoulder* F***ING SHIT.

Hit the jump for how disastrous an unpainted, molded panel door looks like with the things.


Thanks to Jody, who painted his door to look like there wasn't a door there to trick people into walking into it. Oh Jody, you jokester you! (I'm still sending you the bill for my broken nose)

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