Daaaaaaw: Good Things Caught On Security Cameras

June 14, 2012


If you haven't already seen it, this is a Coca-Cola ad featuring a bunch of positivity caught on security cameras instead of the typically bad stuff you normally see. Now listen: I don't care if you hate Coke, love Pepsi, or give yourself root beer enemas -- it's a cute commercial. For a minute and a half it reminded me that the world isn't so bad, that people are kinder than I give them credit for, and that maybe, just MAYBE, I shouldn't nuke the planet like I've been planning all these years.

Hit the jump and not want to watch the world burn for 1:31.

Thanks to zombieBoss, who's the zombie at the end of the level you have to kill to move on to the next stage (be sure to bring lots of med-kits).

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