Comparison Of Existing Spaceship Sizes To Enterprise

June 20, 2012


Note: Larger version HERE. Version with even more ships but no Enterprise HERE.

This is a visual comparison of current/past space vessels compared to the USS Enterprise. As you can see, it appears they like to build spaceships way bigger in the future. I'm kidding, Star Trek isn't real. SPOILER: Star Wars either. I hate to break it to you, but the future is gonna be far less exciting than the sci-fi movies and shows make it out to be, and it's gonna be populated entirely by people who regret ever taking the live-forever pill in the first place. But hey -- don't take a REAL time traveler's word for it, wait and see for yourself. I'm kidding, you'll be dead long before the time the live-forever pill is invented in 2196.

Thanks to Dave, who tried telling me size doesn't matter even though every single ex-girlfriend of his told has him it does and that's why, despite being such a great guy, she has to leave him (it's cool guys, I know him).

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