The Future!: Company Develops Physically Raised Touchscreen Buttons That Appear/Disappear As Needed

June 7, 2012


Tactus Technology has developed a user interface for smart phones/other touchscreen devices that can instantly create physically raised buttons based on the current screen. That way it's easier to text/navigate. Plus some people just like touching buttons! Hey, what's this big red one do? *launches nukes* Haha -- just like in the movies!

Tactus Technology this week demoed Tactile Layer, a product that uses haptics, or a touch-based interface, to make patterns or shapes rise and recede on a regular touchscreen.

The company says its panel, which it displayed on a prototype Android tablet at this week's Society for Information Display showcase in Boston, is "the world's first deformable tactile surface."

The layer is flat and transparent and wouldn't add any thickness to a gadget since it would replace a layer that already exists, Tactus says.

No word if the system is capable of producing realistic-feeling nipples on a picture of a naked lady, but that's definitely where this technology is going -- just watch. "Cool, but how can we use it for p0rn0?" every mogul in the adult industry is asking himself right now.

Hit the jump for a video demo.

Thanks to Evil Ares and 9outof10mms, who don't even need buttons because they control everything with their minds. Just kidding -- voice-command, but still.

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