Comic Books For Nooblers (Plus Weekly Issue Reviews)

June 5, 2012


This is a how-to guide to comics for beginners made by two of my good friends (and you thought I didn't have any!). In the video, Comic Book Girl 19 (I know her real name but I won't tell you because then she'll tell you mine and I'll be f***ed. Oooooor just way more popular) guides nooblers through the process of catching up on storylines, buying comics, and touches on some current issues in the industry. Already a comic PRO-BLER? Then check out her other videos featuring in-depth reviews of some of her favorite current titles. Man, she is like WAAAY into comics. Sometimes when we're out drinking she starts talking comic books and I can't even keep up and just start pounding shots. "Do what you're good at," a wise man once said to baby Jesus. Then, to Joseph, "You do realize you have the son of God sleeping in a donkey's water trough, right?"

Hit the jump for the 11-minute guide, as well as a couple other videos of her comic book reviews.

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