Chestbursting With Love: Alien Vs. Predator Wedding Cake

June 13, 2012


This is an Alien vs. Predator themed wedding cake created by the Little Cherry Cake Company for a couple who is obviously crazy. There's even an inscription at the bottom of the cake that reads, "You may now decapitate the bride." Ha -- and they say romance is dead. No word what guests at the reception thought, but my guess is, "Honey put this bottle of wine in your purse and let's get out of here." Of course that could just be me projecting. *slyly pouring vodka-tonic into jacket pocket*

Hit the jump for some closeups and a shot of a Wind Waker cake the same company made because you know I'm a sucker for Zelda.





Thanks to The Dom, who was planning on having a Prometheus themed wedding cake until he actually brought up the idea to his bride-to-be. Now it's just gonna be white with floral accents.

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