Catwoman's Impossibly Contorted Cover Draws Criticism

June 12, 2012


This is the new cover of DC Comic's Catwoman #52, which is drawing criticism because it looks like she's just an ass with tits and a head. Oh right, I forgot -- because realistic human anatomy has been such a staple in comics lately. What's the big deal? If Catwoman wants to look like Ice T's wife Coco, I say let her -- I'm not here to judge. Well, not publicly anyways. What a f***ing freakshow. See? That was just my brain talking. After we post this what do you say we Google some fossil p0rn? Shit! *pounding button to turn off telekinesis machine*

Thanks to ChaosLex, who saw a girl arch her back like this at the circus once before climbing into a 2' x 2' plexiglass box. Man, those contortionists freak me out (I can't even touch my toes).

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