When The Dream House Crumbles: Barbie And Ken IRL

June 15, 2012


This is a pictorial featuring Barbie's unfulfilling marriage to Ken because, SPOILER: he's gay. *crickets chirping* Okay, I guess everybody already knew that. I just though he was like, REALLY metrosexual. The series was created by photographer Dina Goldstein using models Photoshopped to look like toys and a giant dollhouse. "Isn't a giant dollhouse just a house?" The rooms were actually built in an art gallery anyway, but you do have a point. Unfortunately, you don't have a wallet anymore because I picked your pocket while you were looking at the pictures. "Nope, my wallet's right here." Then who's wallet is this? "Well, it has your ID in it." I thought I felt somebody touch my butt!

Hit the jump for the whole series.









Thanks to bb, who agrees Barbie should have been tipped off earlier when Ken told her his favorite color was sequins.

  • It was ll superb. I really never imaging the barbie dolls in such position. It was really mind-blasting. I am not even keep my eyes away from it even for second.

  • Kenneth Zink

    no one commented that Ken was wearing Barbie's shoe's at the kitchen table? That's a bit of a cheap wrong-headed stereo type inferring he's gay that way. Although I'm sure he's happier with G I Joe, but I sure don't think that G I Joe finds those shoes erotic, after all he's attracted to men, not women... I"M JUST SAYIN

  • Those are neat.

  • That GI Joe does not look happy in either dream

  • Doesn't the other guy in the second last shot look a LOT like Tom Cruise?

  • Panzimar

    For a second there I thought I was on the Superficial and Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt were *still* staging paparazzi shoots.
    The last pic with the ginormous eye looking through the window in the mirror is a great touch.

  • Good eyes there.

  • Kassian Tyler

    short hair barbie looks like a punk rocker

  • lucci

    or PINK!

  • Kassian Tyler


  • Wow I love this photoshoot! The models are fantastic as well!

  • zeldasbff

    the last one makes me sad... she loves him so much :(

  • i find the one of barbie on the toilet strangely erotic

  • lucci


  • BillGatesIsYourDaddy

    I was about to post the same exact thing.

  • cocoa



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