Because You Missed It: NASA's Shots Of Venus' Transit

June 6, 2012


Because you missed it, here are several shots from NASA's Solar Dynamics Laboratory telescope highlighting Venus' transit of the sun yesterday afternoon/evening. "Where were you when Venus transited the sun in 2012?" people will ask in the future. And how -- how will you respond? Lie and say you saw it? That you really wanted to but couldn't because it was raining? Or that you were going to but had to fight off a bunch of ninjas? I think I'm gonna say the ninja thing. Except replace ninjas with Batman villains. Oh, and it was all for a woman's honor. So yeah, that's what I was doing. What were you doing?

Hit the jump for a couple more including a worthwhile super-closeup.





Thanks to Gnome_Miner, who didn't get to see the transit because he was underground working the mine all day. Well hopefully you managed to sneak some diamonds out in your butthole to make up for it.

  • mtnmedic

    Watched just about every bit of it here in north-central Oregon. It rained and rained the whole day prior with 80% chance of rain the next day. Down to 50% by morning. Clouds broke up by 11:30am and it was nice and sunny with about 40% clouds. The clouds made it easy for me to look up at the Sun and aim both of my telescopes, each with home,ads solar filters I'd put together over the weekend. Even managed to get some photos. My girlfriend and I watched ingress together at the same time. Good stuff.

  • thatcando

    she is so damn petite!!

  • Matthew Little

    Pluto isn't the only off man out. Charon is also a dwarf planet, along with a few others. Celes maybe? I can't remember. But... yeah.

  • It really WAS raining! T^T

  • westmclarenmerc

    Same here... location: The Netherlands.

  • Tim Cole

    i stared at the sun for a good hour and then my eyes fell out

  • Ryan Boyce

    It's been nothing but rain here the last 5 days. Pretty ticked that I wasn't able to see this :(

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