ATM Glitch Allows Man To Overdraw $1.5-Million, Idiot Loses It All On A Gambling Spree

June 15, 2012


Ronald Page is a man. A man who discovered a casino ATM that allowed him to continually overdraw his account towards chips until he'd managed to rack up over $1.5-million. So what did he do? What any other f***ing idiot would -- lost it all in a gambling binge.

Convicted of theft of bank funds totaling $1.5 million, Mr. Page now awaits sentencing scheduled for June 27. Local 10 reports that prosecutors have recommended a 15-month prison sentence because they believe "Page had a lapse of judgment and [Bank of America] the bank was at fault for allowing this to happen."

Listen: if you EVER come across an ATM that lets you withdraw money you don't have, here's what you do: TAKE IT ALL, FAKE YOUR DEATH, AND FLEE THE COUNTRY. Same goes for if you find your roommate's porn stash.

Thanks to Tommy T., who agrees that stupid bastard should be on a beach right now sipping cocktails out of a coconut.

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