Are You For Real?: Scientists Set New Record For World's Hottest Temperature, 7.2-TRILLION Degrees

June 29, 2012


Scientists have set a new record for the world's hottest temperature, with the creation of a plasma that measured 7.2-trillion degrees Fahrenheit. steamy. Also, this erotic dinosaur fiction I've been working on: I pretended my feet were stuck in the tar, all the while waving my backside at the raptor seductively.

The researchers were able to produce such a massive temperature only for a fraction of a second using the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider at the lab. The physicists sent gold ions flying in opposite directions around the 2.4-mile collider at a velocity near the speed of light.

The gold ions collided inside one of the six test chambers and the collision produced a substance known as quark-gluon plasma. This is described as a nearly frictionless liquid is about 250,000 times hotter than the core of the sun.

Listen, I think we should all get to vote before scientists can just run off and perform these potentially apocalypse-inducing experiments. I mean, it's not like they KNOW what's gonna happen when they create a 7.2-trillion degree temperature. What if it had sucked up all the world's oxygen? SPOILER: We'd be dead. And for what? To be able to cook frozen pizzas faster?

Thanks to Clizz, who's a firm believer that the world will end because an experiment went wrong.

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