AR-15 'Zombie Destroyer' Features Muzzle Break, Bipod, 9 Magazines, 3 Lasers, 4 Flashlights, 3 Red-Dot Sights

June 19, 2012


This is a video from the guys at Moss Pawn showing off their "fully modified" (presumably because there's no more room to put anything) AR-15 Zombie Destroyer. It looks like it could definitely destroy some zombies -- AT DISTANCE. And when it comes to fighting zombies, distance is definitely your best friend. Some people might argue a wounded stranger is your best friend because you can use them as bait, but those people are sick in the head. Jk jk, they're actually smart, I just have to pretend to be disapproving because I have this Mother Teresa reputation to uphold. "You pushed an old lady down the stairs because you heard a fire engine." Dammit, it sounded like an ice cream truck!

Hit the jump for a video walkthrough of the gun.

Thanks to my buddy Terry, probably the biggest gun fan I know that doesn't actually own any.

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