Appropriately Blocky: Rubik's Cube Nintendo Characters

June 11, 2012


This is small gallery of Nintendo characters (plus Pac-Man) made out of Rubik's Cubes. Allegedly all the cubes were solved into the color combination they needed to be, although I suspect they printed colored stickers and MADE them what they needed to be. Of course that's just me and I"m a natural born shortcut-taker. "Hey -- take the dark alley, it's quicker," I told Batman's parents.

Hit the jump for the rest, most of which are Mario characters.






Thanks to Bronze Dingo, not as prestigious as Silver or Gold Dingo, but still way better than Purple Participation Ribbon Dingo.

  • person

    they just added stickers, there can't be a blue with a green on the same little square.

  • Pretty cool!

  • Dingo

    @green_gin_rickey:disqus - You are wrong. What you think are white center pieces are edge pieces. Count better.

  • blue vodka lemonade

    Problem is, they couldn't have just solved all of them into those configurations. I can see a few times where on the side there is a cube with a white square in the middle of two of its sides, something that can't happen without messing with the stickers.

  • Ed

    must be a slow geek news day

  • incredibly old content... go look up Invader, the street artist, he does way more impressive work than this.

  • Guest

    Very clever use of a puzzle, these are pretty well done. :D

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