Am Buying: 8' x 3' Legend Of Zelda Overworld Wall Mural

June 11, 2012


This is an 8' x almost 3' fabric mural of the entire Legend of Zelda overworld for sale by Etsy seller Packmania. And they're only $40 (plus $15 shipping)! How can they be selling them so cheap? My guess is kill the old man who was hoarding them in his cave. "It's dangerous to go alone! Ta--" *stab stab stab!*

97x32" (8 FEET BY NEARLY 3 FEET!). Amazing wall mural of the map of The Legend of Zelda for the NES! This amazing centerpiece is printed on a heavy and durable fabric for indoor use. Extremely high quality and durable! Would make a perfect addition to a game room, kids room or man cave...OR pretty much anywhere. Totally unique and found only HERE.

You just can't pass this up for that price. Now I don't want to get carried away and call this the deal of the decade, but I do feel comfortable calling it the deal of the day dingaling. Haha, can't argue with that! *running down street naked trailing Zelda mural like I just won the Olympics* Whee, I'm on bath beads! "Bath salts?" F*** no, those things sound terrifying -- these just make your mouth slimy.

Hit the jump for one more shot.


Thanks to Lily, who has every intention of having a Legend of Zelda mural on every wall of her house. YES -- do the ceiling too.

  • Captain Matticus, LP Inc.

    I about cried. I'm a grown man and this nearly made me cry.

  • Right after the Zelda Overworld Wall Mural is delivered to my house - YES THIS IS SICK Right after my mom finds out I put it up in the living room - hiding in a pillowcase

  • Guest

    I would love to have several posters, each with all of the different LOZ maps. That would be sweet too.

  • Yey

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