All The Mass Effect Extended Cut Endings (Plus New One)

June 26, 2012


Because so many fanboys got their shit-stained boxers in a ruffle based on the original endings of the game, Bioware has made extended-cuts of the three existing endings to Mass Effect 3, and added a new one. The existing endings now have some more exposition explaining what happened to the various races based on your choices at the end of the game. The new one SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER THIS IS A FOR-REAL SPOILER I KNOW I FAKE A LOT BUT THIS IS FOR REAL-REAL involves fighting the Reapers via traditional war methods and not using the Crucible at all and almost all sentient life being wiped from the galaxy. Me? I was happy with the ending I got without any remake DLC and already sold the game on eBay. I'll buy another used copy once prices have dropped to the $10 range, then keep it for replay. Oooooor epoxy the disk and make a really cool looking drink coaster.

Hit the jump for all the endings. The new option is the last one.

Thanks to everybody who sent this, several of which sounded really pissed off in their emails.

  • zec

    In the refusal ending, when that fucking godchild says "SO, BE IT!".

    I really wished he had stopped there. But, instead he goes on saying "The cycle continues", which in my opinion sounds like someone being a dick and insulting the loser of a just don't do that.

    shit faced godchild.

  • The guy who made the videos killed Kaiden and kept Ashley.

  • YanYan

    >i was fine with the originals what's the big deal
    i threw a tantrum everytime a movie didn't end the way i wanted it to
    do you know how many theaters i would have burnt down by now?
    >throwing a hissy-fit because your game didn't end the way you wanted it to
    >Because so many fanboys got their shit-stained boxers in a ruffle based on the original endings of the game

    Annnnnnnd after 4+ years of reading Geekologie, I am done. People who are pissed off at the endings to Mass Effect 3 are not throwing tantrums or hissy-fits, they are angry about 1) continuity- the original endings simply do not make sense and 2) being outright lied to by Bioware/EA about what the endings would consist of. There are a multitude of reasons that people didn't like the endings, but most can agree on those two things. I kind of expected this blog to stand up for the fans who've invested money, energy and countless hours in these games instead of parroting certain game reviewers and corporate heads calling those who complained "entitled" in an effort to dismiss their valid complaints.
    But then I see that you sold your game after only playing it ONCE.

    It's clear that you don't care about this series, otherwise it would be obvious to you why people are unhappy with the endings. If you don't understand why people are angry, then make an effort to understand instead of regurgitating something you read about them throwing a tantrum.

    The Mass Effect universe is one that many people were invested in. I thought a website called "Geekologie" would understand that.

  • Sebastiann Elegant√© Neely

    It's a great update.

  • Liked. Especially the over-the-top self righteousness in her voice. It made me lol more than anything else. Now that's how you end a video game!

  • 6pool

    Having played the games I actually like the new endings quite a lot. Bioware didn't rewrite everything, keeping their artistic freedom despite initially delivering the largest possible load of poop possible. And yet there's all the resolution I've hoped for, with distinctive and unique endings that can't be reduced to just colorful explosions.

    It would've been better if you got one of those three endings depending on how you played (paragon, renegade or balanced for control, destroy or synthesis), skipping all of that citadel kid crap which still feels very much out of place. Still, can't complain and I'm thankful shitstorms can change something.

  • Serith

    anyone else think of terminator when she said 'if you are hearing this there is still hope. we fought skynet, er i mean the reapers. uhm. what plot was this again? oh well i doubt ripping off a dying franchise won't piss our fans off. You are the resistance now. Blah blah MOTHER FUCKING BLAH'

  • sepharih

    I'll take refusal, thank you very much. It's frustrating bioware wants to punish you for following through on the themes they established in the first game, but if that's how they want to play it then the catalyst and I have finally reached an impasse: "SO BE IT!"

  • Dan Wood

    The refusal ending is the ending I originally wanted, it's more like what my character would have done. Although, I do like the synthesis ending. I still don't see why people are so pissy about the ending of this game.

  • Rayn_A

    I love the additional 4th ending - I feel like it's BioWare's way of saying "Fuck you, you ungrateful prats. You want an ending!? Here is your FUCKING ending!!! Happy now?!? That enough RESOLUTION for you?!?"
    I feel like the opening lines are speaking straight to the fans who complained.

  • awesomeness


  • Chaosinfintium

    People demanded a new ending, they got it. It's not the ending they wanted, but it's the ending they deserved. Greatest Almost 3 Minutes of Trolling I've seen in a long time, thank you BioWare for Giving in without Giving in.

  • Ragnar TheRed

    "The Dark Energy was a force that was going to consume everything. According to Karpyshyn, "The
    Reapers as a whole were 'nations' of people who had fused together in
    the most horrific way possible to help find a way to stop the spread of
    the Dark Energy. The real reason for the Human Reaper was supposed to be
    the Reapers saving throw because they had run out of time. Humanity in
    Mass Effect is supposedly unique because of its genetic diversity and
    represented the universe's best chance at stopping Dark Energy's

    The original choice was between killing the
    Reapers and trying to find a way to stop the Dark Energy threat with
    what little time was left before it consumed the galaxy, or, "Sacrifice humanity, allowing them to be horrifically processed in hopes that the end result will justify the means."

    still doesn't change the main sticking point of fans: all of the
    recruitment, all of the alliances, all of the sacrifices, were
    essentially moot because they essentially were inconsequential to the
    Source: OXM"

    This is what people are upset about:

    We, the people who actually played ME1, 2. followed this reasoning, and reasonably expected it to conclude alone these lines. What we got was shoddy 180 degree ending. Ok, I am not bitching I simply uninstalled the game and it is sitting on the shelf over with Fable 3.
    I never sent a letter to BW or posted on their community page. I saw that people were upset, but by then figured out nothing was going to change here, so moaning about a game was pointless. It was and is. Hubris, effected those changes and lost them customers. Not the first time.

  • yeah game, graphics, maps look great.but the story looks somehow like a hidden propaganda to me. propaganda for war? like the ending: you have to sacrifice yourself beacause theres is no other option (or everyone will loose.) sound like the propaganda for WWII. like propaganda in the totalitarian WWII regimes (nationalistic and communistic).

  • tiger4ever


  • ocwgm

    Fuck you Bioware.

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