Zelda Medley Performed On Banjo And Musical Saw

May 14, 2012


This is a medley of Zelda songs being performed by Geekologie Reader Falcor T. Luckdragon and his two man ensemble Frontier Ruckus on the banjo and musical saw, with some melodica (the little keyboard you blow into) action towards the end. Now granted I didn't recognize any of the songs, but that's only because they were impossible to focus on since my computer has a virus and keeps popping up with auto-playing ads for penis pills. Ugh, of COURSE I feel inadequate, but I'm still not crazy enough to order dong pills from a malicious ad on the internet! "Be honest." Well, not again anyways.

Hit the jump for more moonshine swiggin' good ol' boy action than you could swing a broken Budweiser bottle at.

Thanks to David J., Falcor T. Luckdragon and LYNDON, who know a good hoedown when they see one and should really invite me next time. I was home alone waiting by the phone!

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