Smell Like A Bar, DOWN THERE: Whiskey Flavored Lube

May 14, 2012


This is an actual whiskey flavored lube from the gluttons over at Epic Meal Time. Apparently they're convinced whiskey is a desirable smell to have smeared all over your privates. SPOILER: It's not. Unless you're in a relationship with another manly dude (I'm thinking a gay biker/bear type here), chances are your lover doesn't want your junk smelling like f***ing whiskey. Piña colada, absolutely, but only because piña colada is the best smell in the world, especially for car air fresheners.

Thanks to everyone who sent me this. And an extra special thanks to everybody who didn't.

  • Pauline Ang

    While this does not sound appealing to me, I must say; I happen to love whisky as much as my man does. Yes, I'm female. Oh, and I actually dislike pina colada.

  • Senor Frijol

    Finally! A lube for hooking up in the bathroom at AA meetings.

  • Nerissa Loren

    Wait - none have you ever encountered a girl who loves whiskey?!? What sad lives you must lead.... you've apparently never visited Philadelphia.

  • With this you could pretend you're having sex with a drunk tramp! Yay!

  • Scott "KaiserNeko" Frerichs

    I cannot help but feel like the entire conception and creation of this product is due solely tothe name and nothing else.

  • Mike Mathers

    You can mix it with their Bacon lube for a manly night of porking, partying and puking.

  •  Piña colada would be so gay

  • zakany

    Considering that "whiskey dick" is a euphemism for not being able to maintain an erection...

  • Epic Food Time? You mean Epic Meal Time?

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