You...Look Different: Wigs Made Entirely Out Of LEGO

May 2, 2012


This is a small series of wigs made entirely out of LEGO bricks for a high fashion photo shoot by Elroy Klee. Me? I am the lowest fashion. If fashion were graded like tests in school I would have been held back so many times I'd be taller than my bus driver. That said, I am gonna make my own LEGO haircut. Sure it might just be a LEGO pirate ship and all my minifigs glued to a crash helmet, but you can't just trust a bunch of LEGO blocks to protect you when you're being shot out of a cannon. "Who's getting shot out of a cannon?" I AM -- why else would I be wearing the stupid crash helmet? "I thought you mom makes you because you're clumsy." Have you been reading my diary?

Hit the jump for a beautiful fro and shortcut redhead.



Thanks again to beebs, who once stuck a bunch of Garbage Pail Kids stickers in her hair and then crossed her eyes and THAT -- that's when I knew I was in love.

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