You Kind Of Cheated: Stuntman Becomes First Skydiver To (Purposefully) Jump And Land With No Parachute

May 23, 2012


Stuntman (or possibly just tired-of-living man) Gary Connery became the first person to purposefully jump out of a helicopter at 2,400-feet with no parachute and survive. Gary dove with a modified wingsuit and crash-landing into a giant pile of boxes, which, as far as I'm concerned, was cheating and cancels the accomplishment. Please, a pile of boxes? YOU LAND IN THE GRASS LIKE EVERYONE ELSE. Oh hey guys -- did you hear? I became the first person to spend an hour in a great white shark tank and survive. "Let me guess -- the shark was already dead." Soooooooooo f***ing dead. It stunk so bad I puked in my snorkel.

Hit the jump for a poorly shot video of the feat.

Thanks to Jasper, who jumps out of helicopters with no parachute all the time because they've already landed. GERONIMO! Shit I think I rolled my ankle.

  • Poorblackman

    LoL 20 feet of boxes. Land your feet on concrete and then ill be impressed.

  • matt

    he jumped out of a helicopter and landed on boxes. In my book thats pretty fucking awesome and thats coming from a skydiver.

  • Ed

    Boxes! F that. I heard this and imagined him landing on his feet on the grass and walking away with his big brass balls clanking together. All he did was fall onto something soft.

  • Guest

    This was pretty impressive, however I would of preferred to land on one of those giant airbags--a softer landing with no paper cuts.

  • Tron Johnson

    I'm not impressed with this guys lack of Showmanship. This is what it's about:

  • disqus_c3ItWqyNqm

    nah...someone's already done that.

  • JeffreySpur

    seen here crashing into a homeless castle.

  • Joe Crocker

    isn't jumping out of a helicopter and landing with no parachute just called falling and getting lucky you lived?

  • You can only cheat death with an invisibility cloak.

  • Bruce Tahoe

    he is worthless and weak. My sister used to be thrown into piles of boxes and was none the worse for wear.

  • Justice Law

    I wonder what they did with all of the packing beans.

  • Shawn Bibby

    gliders so dont count lol

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